More than simply a way to stop the raining getting in, the roof of a home makes up around 30% of the total aspect of a house. If you’ve found that your roof needs a small repair or a complete overhaul it will completely change the aesthetics of your property. If we didn’t think it was that important then we certainly wouldn’t have so many different types of roofing around today, when available materials and skills isn’t the issue that it would have previously been.

Common Roof Types

  • Flat Roof
  • Pyramid Hip Roof
  • Gable Roof
  • Pitch Roof

One of the most common roof types outside of the usual gable (child drawn roof) is the flat roof, that can be seen across the country, especially on extensions to homes. The differences in the types of roof that you have will change the scope of work needed on your roof refurbishment, changing it from perhaps changing a few tiles on your gable roof, to having to completely relevel and seal cracks that may have appeared in your flat roof.

Common Issues

As discussed in our previous posts on flat roofs, although it is a popular design choice, flat roofs are often susceptible to leaks than traditional roof styles. This can be down to geographical weather conditions that are unrelenting in their ‘attacks’ or dated styles and techniques used when the roof was first constructed. If there are any weaknesses in the roof they will quickly be found out as water does not naturally run off a flat roof unless well designed to. If this isn’t the case, water can collect in small cracks and crevices of the roof.

The installation of a flat roof in a property is not, as some expect, down to financial reasons but purely the aesthetic wanted by those initially constructing the property. Many properties in Mayfair, London have flat roofs and agents are always asked about the suitability of turning these into rooftop terraces. As a very historic area of London with many period properties, Mayfair boasts some of the most expensive property in the UK. It also has hundreds of properties with flat roofs. While this is certainly a luxury element it certainly specialist knowledge, and something to consider when looking at mayfair property for sale.

Beginning The Repair

Any roof repairs are almost certainly left to a professional roofer, with the necessary qualifications, who has experience with and understands property of a similar nature to your own. No matter how simply you think the job maybe, the underlying problem may be exasperated by a misjudged ‘repair’.

For example, simply repairing a leak that has already begun to show on the roof below will not allow for the dampness residing within the roof to escape and will keep this area moist, continuing to wear away at the property. It is also wise to avoid any methods that advertise themselves as ‘quick-fix’, such as coatings and spray-on foams that can in fact increase the chance of timber decay in the roof and make it harder for a more permanent repair to be made later on down the line.