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Proper Chimney Flashing For Your Roof in Boughton-Corner

Making allowance for the expansion and contraction of the joints without side effects and keeping the intersections watertight are functions performed by flashing. The ceiling and other things in the roof can get damaged by water that will get into the joints if your chimney flashing is not properly fixed. A brown colour will begin to form around the chimney when water gets into it. If you notice that, you need to call a roofing company. You should ensure you get a good Roofing contractor not an amateur roofer who is likely to give you a short term fix by simply using tar which eventually removes. 247 Roofing Boughton-Corner is one of the leading providers of roofing services. If you are in Boughton-Corner and are looking for chimney flashing solutions in Boughton-Corner we are able to quickly provide you with what you are looking for- regardless of the scope of the challenge..

Our Guarantee

  • Free site visit and survey
  • No hidden costs
  • British standards compliant
  • Fully Insured
  • Clean and efficient
  • Professional workmanship

Experienced Boughton-Corner Roofing Company

247 Roofing Boughton-Corner has grown with over a decade of experience in the field, satisfying customers to become one of the market leaders. We put the satisfaction of our client first at 247 Roofing Boughton-Corner, therefore it is the norm for us to do everything possible to ensure their satisfaction. It is our practice at 247 Roofing Boughton-Corner to first survey your roof to determine the cause of the leaks when you make a call for our services.

We will give you a quotation for our service, which will include a detailed breakdown of the results of our survey and a breakdown of the proposed course of action. Following agreement on work dates and price, our Roofing professionals will arrive in our company van to commence your work. Call us at 247 Roofing Boughton-Corner today on 01892 281 024 for high quality chimney flashing in Boughton-Corner.

A Comprehensive Roofing Service in Boughton-Corner

We have a reputation for always delivering the highest possible quality work in all our chimney flashing services. Come in for tea to discuss your chimney flashing and other needs! 247 Roofing Boughton-Corner provides its chimney flashing services to those who are either renovating their old homes, or constructing new ones in Boughton-Corner. One of our friendly and helpful customer support representatives is ready and waiting to take your call on 01892 281 024X to satisfy whatever enquiries or concerns you have.

Talk to them if you are looking for a quick, free quotation that gives you value for money and comes with no obligation!

Effective Chimney Flashing is Required to Prevent Leaking Roofs

Chimney flashing is a roofing detail used to seal any space between a building�s chimney and its roof to prevent water entering the roof. Some of the most vulnerable parts of a roof are the joints found in the intersection between a roof and chimney. Changes in the weather cause them to continually expand and contract.

Which Trusted Trader

We always work to make ways for our clients to communicate with us more easily, and for us to demonstrate our reliability. To this end, we have created profiles on free and trusted sites where new customers can find us and our existing clients can give their reviews of our services. With regards to Roofing companies on Which Trusted Trader, we are first class for our unwavering quality and value for cash. Every customer we have on Which Trusted Trader has enjoyed quality service from us and we have therefore grown a strong customer base through that.


247 Roofing Boughton-Corner is a roofing services specialist on the trade survey platform, TrustaTrader. As a result of our consistency in delivering awesome service and giving our clients value for money throughout their roofing projects, we have built a solid reputation. In Boughton-Corner and the surrounding zone, we are one of the top roofing companies on TrustaTrader. The nature of our business means we appreciate verbal publicizing from a significant part of our clients through TrustaTrader. The comments our clients make about our services is evidence of the fact that we offer them excellent chimney flashing services.

The 247 Roofing Boughton-Corner Guarantee

Long experience of Roofing solutions

We have worked in the Roofing industry for over a decade and are renowned for our high quality services. Every one of our roofers is trained and skilled to execute chimney flashing that does not just meet but exceed industry standards. It is at the core of our business to see that the 247 Roofing Boughton-Corner standards are maintained in all we do.

Safety is most important to us

The safety of your property is guaranteed with 247 Roofing Boughton-Corner as our roofers are mandated to carry out jobs with service as the primary focus. All our roofers are health and safety certified, so you should have no worries about your safety and that of your staff and property when dealing with us at 247 Roofing Boughton-Corner.

All Services at 247 Roofing Boughton-Corner Covered by Insurance

There is an insurance cover for every service we provide at 247 Roofing Boughton-Corner. 247 Roofing Boughton-Corner are aware that unforeseen incidents can occur in the process of chimney flashing, which can affect the finances of the client, so we ensure that all services from us are insured.

Affordable prices for quality service

At 247 Roofing Boughton-Corner we strive to always satisfy the needs of our clients. The more satisfied customers we have, the more new referrals we get. As a result, customer satisfaction is a priority for us. We have built our reputation on the quality of service we deliver, so you are guaranteed the same quality.

Contact 247 Roofing Boughton-Corner for quality Chimney Flashing

As a result of deals we have made with suppliers over the course of our operation in the industry, we get the best materials for the best prices, and this enables us offer our clients market leading value on our services. You can be sure to get your chimney flashing re-done at a good price with us.

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